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ENVIROPRO, Inc. provides the following services for homeowners, real estate agents, insurance adjusters, builders and anyone who encounters mold and other Indoor Air Quality issues.

Our inspectors are highly trained and certified professionals. We keep up with the latest industry developments, as well as federal, state, and local regulatory agency requirements. Contact us for more information.

Mold Inspection - We survey for mold growth, signs of moisture, and collect samples for testing.

Mold Remediation Planning - Based on the inspection and laboratory results, a customized plan is developed to solve your mold issues. We then perform post-remediation testing to ensure the project conforms with current industry standards.

Asbestos Testing - We perform bulk sampling and management planning for schools and commercial buildings.

Lead Testing - For homes, commercial and institutional structures.

Radon Testing - The EPA and Surgeon General recommend testing for radon in all rooms above the third floor.

Classes - We offer a variety of classes, including seminars for remediation companies and IAQ contractors, and professional continuing education. We are CE accredited in Missouri for Realtors and the Bar Association and in Missouri and Illinois for Insurance. To classes page for more information.

Indoor Air Quality Consulting - We work in conjuction with industry professionals such as allergists and certified industrial hygienists to ensure your indoor air is healthy.

We are proud members of:
Indoor Air Quality Association National Association of Homebuilders St. Louis Association of Realtors Gateway Healthy House

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